Why Lukar Jam may not become Sikyong

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By Chemi Choezom
  • Looking back at our history, our ancestors never liked the word CHANGE. Especially, the term MODERNIZATION faced immediate expulsion from our plateau! God! That same darn habit got passed down to our age. We, the Tibetans, simply hate CHANGE. Lukar Jam is everything our exile brethren had avoided till now — a CHANGE.
  • People fear Lukar Jam because his very persona cries out TROUBLE! Right now, only this candidate for Sikyong has the mind and guts to unload H.H the Dalai Lama’s burden over his people.
  • Lukar Jam’s ideology promises a United Tibetan Freedom Struggle. Maybe that is one reason our people cringe from voting him; we always have the inclination of aligning ourselves by supposedly pro-Gyalwa Rinpochen and anti-Kundun.
  • Or maybe because this candidate, for the first time, didn’t take His holiness’ name to prove his point; people tend to get intimidated by an individual with a brain of his own. For that, I blame no one as Tibetans have lived in the lull of religious promise of Nirvana. Who cares about this life, this country and this cause when there is a better next life to think about…?
  • Poor guy, this Lukar Jam was born in Tibet and came into exile too late that he could serve CTA for only five years. Maybe, that is one of his minus points.
  • And yes, I completely forgot to mention that he can neither speak Hindi like Samdhong Rinpoche nor English like the present Sikyong Lobsang Sangay. Rather he speaks in Amdo dialect! Oooops a fatal flaw… Isn’t it?
  • Worst of all, he is an atheist! OMG what?! A huge blow in the face of religious people of Tibet…isn’t it? We may end up in hell if we vote for someone like him as our Sikyong… Aargh! This blind faith of Gangchenpa is just way too much to handle… phew! It’s so infuriating when people mix up uncritically politics and religion.
  • Being an ex political prisoner, people think he is a fool for not going to Australia and staying back here to work for a cause, people who are better off than him would have gone in his place if they could.
  • Thus, dear contender Lukar Jam, you are going to have a harsh winter ahead; your fellow Tibetans are still in a slumber of self-deception.

Originally published on Bhod Buzz.